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It is likely cannabis and impact investments will be the best-performing asset class over the next decade. It is also unlikely that at the end of the decade one will be able to name an industry untouched by this plant.

MAZAKALI’s investment services leverage deep relationships, rigorous analytics, reliable research and uncommon pragmatism in support of a single goal: helping clients achieve their investment and impact objectives.

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Cannabis 2021: Five Things To Watch

GreenPapers® In our 5th annual “Five Things To Watch” MAZAKALI examines our predictions from 2021 and dives into how we see 2021 playing out. The tailwinds of political support, ‘essential’ status, legalization in 70% of US states, local government desire for tax revenue and increased public health focus are expected to drive a five-year 27% industry CAGR – making this industry one of the […] January 2021

Cannabis: Private Equity Investment Opportunity

GreenPapers®.  An industry with over 40,000 businesses and in excess of 240,000 employees has witnessed the lion’s share of capital and media attention going to the fewer than 400 public companies, leaving over 99% of the industry to innovate, compete and grow with an abundance of capital and advertising restrictions. 

Cannabis: Optimizing Your Capital Raise

GreenPapers®. The cannabis complex continues its roller coaster ride toward full legalization with many important milestones marking the significant progress we have made over the years. Important scientific discoveries, meaningful regulatory changes, supportive capital markets and incredible product innovations have rapidly fueled our industry to a place of public acceptance and support quite unimaginable just a decade ago. […] May 2020

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