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Capital Management Beyond Impact

MAZAKALI’s leadership team began putting capital to work in plant-based medicine (PBM) in 2014. Today, we offer full scale digital capital raising and investment services across the hemp, non-hemp cannabis and psychedelics industries.

A Registered Investment Adviser, MAZAKALI offers customized, Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) to pioneering investors. Operators and issuers work with licensed Investment Bankers to utilize our Capital Advisory and M&A services. Both come together on our digital capital platform. Securities are offered via a licensed Broker/Dealer.

MAZAKALI was founded with a passion and purpose for transforming the health of our plants, our people, our planet and our portfolios through the responsible and ethical allocation of capital. Our clients have a similar mindset.

Authority Through Knowledge

Years of intimate conversations with industry pioneers fuel our knowledge and foster our relationships.
Our connections create opportunity. Our conversations fuel innovation.

Cannabis: Rise Of The Beverage

GreenPapers®. Infused drinkables currently hold a market share of under 1% in the US, a figure that is far too low when compared with industry estimates for a $2.8 billion global cannabis beverage market by 2025. Advances in cannabis science along with the thirst for a healthier alternative to alcohol are but two factors behind this anticipated growth..[…] May 2020

Global Cannabis Industry Goes Online

London-based Prohibition Partners and MAZAKALI have teamed up to form ProCapital, a virtual stage during Prohibition Partners LIVE for showcasing highly innovative opportunities and leading insights within the plant-based medicine (PBM) world. Powered by MAZAKALI’s Digital Capital Platform, this event offers curated private offerings and broker/dealer supported investment flow within the PBM space. 

Cannabis: Optimizing Your Capital Raise

GreenPapers®. The cannabis complex continues its roller coaster ride toward full legalization with many important milestones marking the significant progress we have made over the years. Important scientific discoveries, meaningful regulatory changes, supportive capital markets and incredible product innovations have rapidly fueled our industry to a place of public acceptance and support quite unimaginable just a decade ago. […] May 2020

Exploring Cannabis Investments?

MAZAKALI is a Registered Investment Adviser and provides access to direct investment opportunities as well as managed investment services such as SMAs (Separately Managed Accounts) and third-party funds for investors. Investors in cannabis since 2014, MAZAKALI provides an investment marketplace for industry players with highlighted securities offerings by licensed investment bankers via our Broker/Dealer. Connect with companies, make direct investments, or rely on our OCIO (Outsourced Cannabis Investment Officer) services for portfolio advisory and management. 


Raising Cannabis Capital?

How would you rate your capital readiness? Are you prepared to raise capital? Do you have a financial model, a multi-year pro-forma, a valuation, a term sheet and a pitch deck? Explore MAZAKALI’s Capital Advisory services to boost your capital readiness.

Do you have an attractive digital “store front” for your investment offering? Build a digital offering with multimedia capabilities, a complete data room, appropriate firewalls, unlimited secure storage, communication and collaboration tools, electronic execution and complete investor behavioral transparency. 


Helping Others Raise Capital?

Ideal for alternative investment managers, broker-dealers, capital advisory firms, incubators, accelerators and virtual conferences. Provide a seamless, mobile-friendly investment experience while maintaining control and customization. Private-Label our investment platform to your specifications. Increase revenue and save time via value, volume and velocity. Contact Us


MAZAKALI Capital Readiness Toolkit

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As early entrants and investment leaders, we are driven by a passion and belief that purposeful cannabis and plant based medicine investment will play a significant role Beyond Impact.