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We help family offices, accredited investors, RIAs and institutions achieve their investment and impact goals.

Careful Curators of Opportunity

MAZAKALI leadership has been strategically investing in cannabis since 2014. Today, we offer clients a rare blend of know-who, know-what and know-how through the MAZAKALI Outsourced Cannabis Investment Officer (OCIO) service. Sustainable, scalable and sensible investment opportunities are carefully selected with goals of both profit and a difference.

The MAZAKALI Advantage

We build customized Cannabis Investment Portfolios (CIPs) for family offices, accredited investors, RIAs and institutions who believe–as we do–that purposeful investment in cannabis can benefit our planet, people, and plants in addition to profits. Our clients are just as passionate about doing good as they are about doing well. See how we partner:







MAZAKALI Conversations

Years of intimate conversations with industry pioneers fuel our knowledge and foster our relationships. Our connections create opportunity. Our conversations fuel innovation. We welcome purposeful investors to join us on this journey.

Chicago Innovation Awards Selects Financial Services Firm MAZAKALI as a 2019 Top 100 Most Innovative Company

MAZAKALI has been selected as 1 of the top 100 most innovative companies by the 18th Annual Chicago Innovation Awards in the category of financial services. Head of MAZAKALI’s Chicago office and CMO, Mary Beth Barron, shared “MAZAKALI was founded in Chicago so it is an honor to be recognized as a financial services innovator in one of the world’s leading financial markets which is also our first hometown. Our investment portal is like no other technology in the industry and we’re constantly innovating capabilities so this affirmation by Chicago Innovation is very gratifying.”

Greenflower CEO Max Simon Interviews Sumit Mehta on the Future of Hemp and Non-Hemp Cannabis

In this interview MAZAKALI CEO Sumit Mehta reflects on the cannabis industry, “It’s not an industry it’s a movement. Anyone with a vertebrae can benefit from this plant.” During this 18 minute interview with Green Flower CEO Max Simon Sumit shares how hemp and non-hemp cannabis will impact our future food, fuel, fiber, pharmaceuticals and much more. 

Sumit Mehta Receives Arcview Outstanding Member Award

MAZAKALI CEO, Sumit Mehta, was honored with the Outstanding Member Award during the Arcview Chicago Forum. Arcview CEO Troy Dayton shared, “Sumit’s view of the cannabis market is very well-thought out and he is excellent at articulating his nuanced view. But he is not just a theorist. He’s also a huge champion of the entrepreneurs and investors he works with. He is a phenomenal Arcview member who is very involved in the community and so he was a natural fit for our Outstanding Member award.”

The Asset Class to Watch

Pitchbook’s inaugural Cannabis Private Investment Review has launched with MAZAKALI’s strategic perspective on cannabis as the asset class to watch.

Deconstructed: Does CBD Origin Matter?

Despite CBD from hemp being identical on a molecular level to CBD from marijuana, the plant of origin has relevance to consumers and investors alike.

Use MAZAKALI100 Code on The State of Legal Cannabis Markets

MAZAKALI Founder and CEO Sumit Mehta is the Finance and Strategy consultant to The Arcview Group, the largest private cannabis investor network in the United States. We are pleased to offer $100 off with code MAZAKALI100 to this authoritative source of data and insights into the legal cannabis industry. Click here for report executive summary. 

Authority Through Knowledge

What is Hemp?

Hemp is cannabis and cannabis is hemp.

Differences are defined by history and use, by legality and by botany.

History & Use: Hemp has traditionally been used to describe plants grown for industrial use, plants that won’t get you ‘high’ but can be used to make clothing, rope and sails.

Legality: If a cannabis plant has THC content below 0.3%, it is considered hemp and therefore completely legal. This definition is socially constructed rather than being scientifically accurate.

Botany: Botanically speaking, there is more debate than there are conclusions on what is hemp vs. non-hemp cannabis.

So while there is plenty of debate around what is hemp and what is non-hemp cannabis, differences.are defined more by history and use than by genetics and botany.

What is Non-Hemp Cannabis?

Non-hemp cannabis has traditionally been called marijuana.

Differences from hemp are defined by history and use, by legality and by botany.

History & Use: Historically, the term marijuana originated in Mexico and has been used to describe what many also call pot or weed and has traditionally been smoked or eaten to get ‘high’.

Legality: If a cannabis plant has THC content greater than 0.3%, it is considered marijuana or non-hemp cannabis and is illegal in the U.S.. When the U.S. government decided on 0.3% as the dividing line between hemp and marijuana, even they admitted that it was arbitrary.

Botany: Botanically speaking, there is more debate than there are conclusions on what is hemp vs. marijuana.

While there is plenty of debate around what is hemp and what is non-hemp cannabis, differences are defined more by history and use than by botany.

With Privilege Comes Responsibility

As early entrants and investment leaders, we are driven by a passion and belief that purposeful cannabis investment will play a significant role Beyond Impact.

The MAZAKALI GreenPaper™ has gained authority through knowledge on deep trends in the industry that matter to investors and operators alike.

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