Partnership Built with Purpose

Coming together is our beginning.
Staying together is our progress.
Working together is our success.
Individually, we are a drop; together, we are an ocean.

Who is Your Cannabis Investment Officer?

It is likely cannabis will be the best-performing asset class over the next decade. It is also unlikely that at the end of the decade one will be able to name an industry untouched by this plant.

MAZAKALI’s Outsourced Cannabis Investment Officer (OCIO) service leverages deep relationships, rigorous analytics, reliable research and uncommon pragmatism in support of a single goal: helping clients achieve their investment and impact objectives.

The MAZAKALI Advantage

Every client is different. We work with family offices, accredited investors, RIAs and institutions who believe that purposeful investment in cannabis can benefit not only their own portfolios but also the health of our plants, people and planet. Our clients are just as passionate about doing good as they are about doing well. See how we partner:







With Privilege Comes Responsibility

As early entrants and investment leaders, we are driven by a passion and belief that purposeful cannabis investment will play a significant role Beyond Impact.


The MAZAKALI GreenPaper® has gained authority through knowledge on deep trends in the industry that matter to investors and operators alike.


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