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Exclusive: MAZAKALI, Satori Investment Partners To Invest $20M Into The Cannabis Industry

BENZINGA l March 22, 2021 –  The firms are looking for:

  • Experienced management teams.
  • Exemplary record-keeping.
  • Positive cash flows or a clear path to profitability.
  • Companies operating in markets with healthy supply and demand traits.

CannabisNewsBreaks – MAZAKALI Highlights 2021’s Positioning as a Pivotal Year for the Cannabis Sector

BENZINGA l Jan 18, 2021 –  Benzinga republishing MAZAKALI’s “Cannabis 2021:  Five Things to Watch” 


CannabisNewsBreaks – MAZAKALI Highlights 2021’s Positioning as a Pivotal Year for the Cannabis Sector

StreetInsider l Jan 4, 2021 –  MAZAKALI Highlights 2021’s Positioning as a Pivotal Year for the Cannabis Sector


Looking At The Election Through The Cannabis Lens

420 Intel l Nov 3, 2020 – MAZAKALI contributes to a pieces of how the election will impact cannabis in 2021 and beyond.


One Way or Another, Cannabis Is on the Election Ballot

Real Money – The Street l Oct 23, 2020 – Cannabis investors are keenly aware of the landscape and how it could play out for the industry.  


Cannabis Sector Aided by $3 Trillion Pandemic Relief Bill

KARMA  l May 18, 2020 – The HEROES Act could enable banks to lend to the cannabis industry without penalties.  MAZAKALI’s CEO, Sumit Mehta shares views on the bill and more.


Global Cannabis Industry Goes Online

Yahoo! Finance l May 5, 2020 – ProCapital, a virtual conference June 22 & 23 during Prohibition Partners LIVE is powered by MAZAKALI’s Digital Capital Platform. This event offers curated private offerings and broker/dealer supported investment flow within the plant-based medicine space.


How the Coronavirus Crisis is Reshaping the Cannabis Industry for the Long Term

Marijuana Business Daily I April 13, 2020 – As firms re-evaluate their international supply chains, MAZAKALI CEO Sumit Mehta states; “Don’t plan for disruptions to end on your timeline”


This Week's Top Cannabis News

Forbes I January 12, 2020 – MAZAKALI CEO Sumit Mehta discusses the Illinois legalization roll out including the state’s leadership role in addressing the complex and consequential role of social equity, in particular expungement of criminal records. 

See also the MAZAKALI Minute on social equity and expungement. January 6, 2020

Cannabis 2020: Five Things to Watch from MAZAKALI

Benzinga I Markets-News-Cannabis | January 10, 2020 – Benzinga showcases MAZAKALI’s annual Cannabis: Five Things to Watch.

Money Matters Interview with MAZAKALI CEO Sumit Mehta

Money Matters I Marijuana Business Magazine | Oct 1, 2019 – Journalist Nick Thomas conducts an in-depth interview with Sumit Mehta on cannabis investment strategy. Pgs 16-17.

Arcview Deal Reflects Increased Institutional Involvement in Cannabis

MJBusiness Daily | July 18, 2019 – Industry veterans discuss Arcview’s $7.7M Series A financing round. MAZAKALI participated in this raise. 

3 Reflections from World Cannabis Congress

Business of Canada | June 19, 2019 – MAZAKALI Founder and CEO, Sumit Mehta, discusses “Legalization 2.0 and the Emergence of the Brand” post keynote by cannabis investor Martha Stewart.

Coda Signature Closes $24.4 Million Series A Funding Round

Forbes | June 12, 2019 – MAZAKALI participated in the round with CEO Sumit Mehta sharing with Forbes, “the cannabis market and investment community continue to favor scalability, product quality, experiential consistency, inventory reliability and envious execution.”.

Luxury Chocolate Brand Coda Signature Raises $24.4M

Green Market Report | June 12, 2019 – Sumit Mehta, Founder and CEO of investment firm and Coda raise participant MAZAKALI shares perspective on Coda’s successful approach. 

Pitchbook Launches Inaugural Cannabis Private Investment Review

Pitchbook | June 11, 2019 – Data and research firm Pitchbook launched its first Cannabis Private Investment Review. MAZAKALI’s strategic perspective on cannabis as the asset class to watch is profiled.

Cannabis: Seven Avoidable Investment Mistakes

Benzinga | May 20, 2019 – MAZAKALI’s recent GreenPaper® and investor bootcamp at the Cannabis World Congress in New York is profiled in Benzinga.

National Brands Created Via M&A

Forbes | April 24, 2019 – Sumit Mehta, MAZAKALI Founder and CEO, shares in Forbes the changing deal flow dynamics in several fast growing sectors of the cannabis space.

Confusion, Enthusiasm Combine at Hemp Investor Forum

Hemp Industry Daily | April 1, 2019 – Uncertainties surrounding regulations – both at the state and federal levels – and a lack of recent historic data in the United States are factors that could discourage investors in the American hemp industry, attendees at a Denver forum heard last week.

The Latest Trends In Cannabis Company Fundraising: Bigger Deals, New Markets Coming Online

Benzinga | February 15, 2019 – MAZAKALI’s Sumit Mehta discusses future industry sectors, “When one considers the 750 medical uses and 50,00 industrial uses afforded but the cannabis plant, one is hard-pressed to think of a single industry that will remain untouched in a federally legal environment.”



Why Are Black People Excluded From the Legal Cannabis Industry? What Can We Do About It?

Dope Magazine | December 4, 2018 – I noticed a few unexpected things. Among them were the large percentage of people wearing suits and the high number of women executives in attendance. Bravo! But the thing that surprised me the most was the fact that, among more than 300 attendees, there were only five black women and ONE black man in attendance. Yes, just one.

Cannabis Executives, Investors see Asia saying “Yes” to Pot

Bloomberg | November 1, 2018 – The cannabis investor conference in Hong Kong this week started with some stern warnings against smoking pot in the city, which can land you in prison. Then folks got down to talking business.

Cannabis Forum Offers Hong Kongers Chance to Invest

South China Morning Post | November 1, 2018 – The classic joint offers a cannabis experience like no other, perhaps due to its unique ability to simultaneously combust as well as vaporize its contents. While ubiquitous today, this smoking mechanism is a relatively new invention that owes its birth to Mexican laborers in the 1850s.

It’s Time to Have Active Managers Run Cannabis Investments

Benzinga | September 17, 2018 – The cannabis industry is poised to add over 500,000 new jobs by 2021, and to exceed $50 billion by 2026. However, this torrid pace of growth is accompanied by a rapidly shifting regulatory environment. This means a deep and diligent approach to a generational investment opportunity is needed.

Canadian Cannabis Industry Overview

SylvaCap | August 30, 2018 – Cannabis legalization continues its global march towards decriminalization with Canada joining Uruguay as the second country in the world to legalize the cultivation, sale and consumption of cannabis.

What Canada’s Legalization of Marijuana Means to the US, Eh

Green Entrepreneur | June 26, 2018 – Last week Canada announced a landmark decision in the history of legal cannabis when the Senate put the final stamp of approval on the law legalizing the recreational use of marijuana all across the country.

Canada Legalizes Recreational Marijuana Nationwide Beginning Oct. 17: Experts React

Benzinga | June 18, 2018 – Sumit Mehta, founder and CEO of cannabis investment banking platform Mazakali said “Cannabis as a global agricultural commodity has tremendous implications for the health of our people, plants, planet and profit.”

Growth, Broader Acceptance is Buzz in Cannabis Industry

Lede Tree | May 18, 2018 – Cannabis industry analyst Sumit Mehta, CEO of MAZAKALI and a consultant on the emerging cannabis industry, and Bruce Linton, CEO of the Canadian marijuana company Canopy Growth, opened the Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition Thursday in New York with rosy forecasts for broadening social, legal and political acceptance of the plant.

Where to Find Funding for a Cannabis Business

Entrepreneur | April 20, 2018 – With limited funding options, almost no loans available and countless new cannabis businesses emerging every day, where does an entrepreneur go for capital?

A Silicon Valley Pot Deal

The Atlantic | April 20, 2018 – Cannabis entrepreneurs gather to pitch venture capitalists, “Shark Tank”-style, for a $10,000 prize.

Big Cheeses Speak at East Coast Cannabis Conference

Cannabis Law Report | March 18, 2018 – CWCBexpo NY speakers include Bruce Linton of Canopy Growth and Sumit Mehta of MAZAKALI.

Marijuana Millions: Raising Capital For Your Cannabis Business

Forbes | February 7, 2018 – Legal cannabis commerce is expanding. In 2017, almost $3.5 billion was invested into the booming industry worldwide, more than doubling 2016’s investment figures.

MAZAKALI and Hoban Law Group Partner as Investment Advisors for Fast-Growing Cannabis Industry

PR Newswire | November 1, 2017 – San Francisco- and Denver-based cannabis capital
advisory firm MAZAKALI has just announced a key strategic partnership with Denver-
based Hoban Law Group, the nation’s premier international “cannabusiness” law firm. The two
firms represent hundreds of businesses and investors, and have executed more than $200 million in
corporate, M&A, private equity, venture capital and debt transactions.



Watch and Listen

Cannabis as Medicine: From Lab to Living Room. CannaBiz MALTA

Video [19:08]: MAZAKALI CEO Sumit Mehta moderated an interactive panel in Malta with a cannabis global research scientist and a cannabis nutritionist. Topics explored included wellness-focused product innovation, medical safety and efficacy, and cannabis lifestyle integration. Nov 2019.  

Panelists: Dr. Monica Vialpando of Vialpando LLC and Nicole Fox MPH, RD of Aeon Botanika. 

MAZAKALI's CEO Sumit Mehta and General Counsel Brent Johnson Talk Cannabis with CNBC's Tim Seymour

Video [47:09]: An engaging discussion on cannabis investment including:

  • Cannabis as an emerging market;
  • Comparisons to the technology boom;
  • 32K private cos vs. the 350 public cos the news cycle focuses on;
  • Fundamentals as an imperative for survival;
  • Cannabis as likely the best performing asset class over the next decade. Oct. 2019

Thinking Outside the Bud with Sumit Mehta

Podcast [29:25]: Business coach Bruce Eckfeldt speaks with Sumit Mehta on Thinking Outside the Bud, a podcast focused on entrepreneurs, investors, thought leaders, researchers, advocates and policymakers discuss new and exciting ways for cannabis to positively impact business society and culture. April 9, 2019

Greenflower CEO Max Simon Interviews Sumit Mehta on the Future of Hemp and Non-Hemp Cannabis

Video [18:11]: “It’s not an industry it’s a movement. Anyone with a vertebrae can benefit from this plant.” Former J.M. Morgan financial adviser and current cannabis investor/CEO, Sumit Mehta reveals where we’re headed as a society from a cannabis perspective, and gives a fascinating, insightful (and humorous) look at how hemp and non-hemp cannabis will impact our future food, fuel, fiber, pharmaceuticals and much more. 

Critical Insights Into Cannabis Investment Fortunes

Portfolio Wealth Global interviews Sumit Mehta to give readers an insightful look into the Cannabis Industry.

Benzinga – Cannabis Hour

Benzinga sits down with Sumit Mehta, Founder and CEO, MAZAKALI to discuss cannabis investing and the MAZAKALI Digital Capital Platform.

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