Investment Advisers

Your clients have been asking about opportunities to invest in cannabis…how can you help?

You benefit from the know-who, know-what and know-how that accompanies our Outsourced Cannabis Investment Officer (OCIO) service. Your clients gain strategic advantages with unparalleled access to curated private investment opportunities and customized portfolios.


A best-in-class “turn key solution.”


Know-who is often at least as important as know-how. MAZAKALI’s seat at the epicenter of the cannabis investment landscape provides us the relationships to access the finest investment minds and the network to uncover some of the best investment opportunities. Opacity of information is driven by regulatory restrictions; crossing this information barrier is crucial to effective decision-making.


Educated minds make educated choices. MAZAKALI places high priority on education to help investors understand the differences between hemp and non-hemp cannabis, and the intricacies of cannabis portfolio management. We know cannabis will uniquely impact every known industry, yet opacity of information is currently driven by regulatory restrictions. As dedicated cannabis investment advisers MAZKALI works with other RIAs to bring accurate and authoritative information to investment decisions.


The unfolding global return of cannabis after over eighty years in exile has tremendous implications for our plants, people and planet; investments made in a socially responsible context providing incredible holistic value to all stakeholders as we collectively move Beyond Impact. Passion and purpose drive what we do; profit is the result.   


Cannabis is an emerging market and exhibits characteristics similar to other emerging markets: fragmentation, changing regulation, trade barriers, price uncertainty, and rapid growth. Investment advisors know that dedicated emerging market managers are best positioned to generate alpha for their clients and partners. MAZAKALI leadership has been focused on cannabis investment for more than half a decade, and our process and technology support and compliment our RIA partners.

You own the relationship; we provide the expertise.

With Privilege Comes Responsibility


As early entrants and investment leaders, we are driven by a passion and belief that purposeful cannabis and plant based medicine investment will play a significant role Beyond Impact.

Investing in private placement securities entails a high degree of risk, including illiquidity of the investment and loss of principal. Please read the offering document before investing. Please refer to the Company’s subscription agreement for a discussion of risk factors.