Craig Piatti serves as MAZAKALI’s Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for developing and driving the firm’s infrastructure, technology, organizational and people processes. As a longtime advocate of continued education, Craig remains immersed in several initiatives that promote information transparency, accuracy and reliability for cannabis industry investors.

Craig joined MAZAKALI with the idea that cannabis will impact nearly every sector of the economy on an international scale and saw that his unique experience set was well suited to contribute positively to the development of this emerging market.

Prior to joining MAZAKALI, Craig worked at Alibaba’s cloud computing division on strategic business development and alliances across the Americas. Craig’s inquisitive mindset and passion for learning has led him down a career path involving a variety of functions across multiple industries around the world. Craig has worked with global firms including SAP, Bosch, China Telecom and Alibaba, and also founded an overseas student staffing firm where he served as CEO for six years. He has lived in Bahrain, China, Germany and Singapore, and has spent considerable time working in India, Israel, the UK and South America.

Craig holds an MBA from the University of Notre Dame – Mendoza College of Business, as well as a B.S. from Indiana University – Kelly School of Business, and a Diplom-Betriebswirt (BWL) from Reutlingen University in Germany. He also holds a FINRA 65 license.

Craig speaks English, German and Mandarin and is an avid and purposeful traveler. He currently resides in San Francisco with his wife and enjoys an active lifestyle of yoga, snowboarding, cycling and local cuisine.