With formal scientific training in pharmaceutical sciences and work spent on the frontiers of the nicotine and cannabis industries, Dr. Monica Vialpando serves as MAZAKALI’s scientific advisor.

Dr. Vialpando is the founder of Via Innovations, a provider of industry-leading formulation and product innovation and development services for global cannabis companies. Via Innovations is most recognized for creating all-natural and fit-for-purpose formulations that elevate the sophistication of medical cannabis by incorporating pharmaceutical formulation technologies, many of which are unfamiliar in the cannabis industry. Leveraging her background as a pharmaceutical development scientist, Dr. Vialpando has strongly advocated to improve the quality, safety, and efficacy of cannabis products. She champions practices that have improved product consistency and control, helping her clientele meet evolving regulatory expectations.

Beyond her entrepreneurship, she influences the development of the cannabis industry on several levels. As an adjunct professor at Loyalist College, Canada, she teaches a formulation course in the school’s post graduate Applied Cannabis Research Program. Dr. Vialpando’s ability to articulate complex subject matter in an accessible and engaging way has resulted in numerous invited speaking engagements. As recognition of her significant role in shaping the cannabis industry, the American Chemical Society awarded her the ElSohly Award for Excellence in Cannabis Chemistry. Furthermore, Dr. Vialpando exemplifies diversity in many of its forms, which has helped strengthen the industry through sharing of knowledge and connecting ideas and people. As a Hispanic female cannabis scientist-entrepreneur and a speaker of several languages, she has a global mindset and has cultivated multiple international collaborations.

Collectively, Dr. Vialpando’s unique perspective, her combination of technical and people skills, and broad reach make her an essential steward of the maturing cannabis industry.