Sumit founded MAZAKALI to counteract the negative consequences of business practices that deplete resources by making investments in sustainable cannabis. By shepherding capital in a responsible and ethical manner, MAZAKALI and its clients envision a world where cannabis investment will play a significant role Beyond Impact.

Sumit is a cannabis futurist, a global strategist, an internationally recognized speaker and the author of the MAZAKALI GreenPaper®, an authoritative voice on deep industry trends in its fifth year of publication with over 50,000 subscribers. In addition to his role at MAZAKALI, Sumit serves on several cannabis company boards and is the Vice-Chair of the Banking and Financial Services committee for the National Cannabis Industry Association.

Sumit is the former Director of Finance for the Arcview Group, and prior to entering the cannabis industry full-time in 2016 spent 20 years on Wall Street at Merrill Lynch, Raymond James, UBS and JP Morgan in roles that spanned portfolio management, investment planning, capital introduction, strategic consulting, institutional relationship management and corporate business development.

Sumit has earned an MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, and a BA with Honors in Economics with minors in Math and Physics from the University of Texas at Austin. Sumit holds investment banking, brokerage, M&A and investment advisory securities licenses and resides in San Francisco where he enjoys motorcycles, yoga, cannabis and the great outdoors.