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Prohibition Partners Live Conference Attendee,

We thank you for your your engagement in ProCapital; a MAZAKALI partnership focused on global investment trends and opportunities in cannabis.  


The ProCapital Overview Below:

Day 1 (Concluded & Streamable)


ProCapital Launch: The Next Generation of Alpha    

Opening: Prohibition Partners and MAZAKALI each provide an introduction, an industry update and set the agenda for two days of education, access, networking and investment.


Cross-border Cannabis Capital Keynote – Paul Rosen

Morning Keynote: Get a strategic overview of the global cannabis landscape from the co-founder of the Cronos Group. Understand key trends, learn about the latest developments, and get a glimpse into the next chapter of this exciting and high-growth space. 


Cannabis as an Alternative Asset Class: Wall Street Views

As cannabis has become more mainstream, financial institutions across Wall Street have begun publishing research and ratings on the space. Three analysts  at Credit Suisse, Jefferies and BMO Financial share their views on the industry and its investment prospects. 


Ancillary:  Real Time Investment Showcase

The cannabis industry is supported by tens of thousands of businesses that provide the equipment, resources and services needed to cultivate, curate and transport cannabis to your local retailer. CannGoods and Sana Packaging offer necessary resources to the cannabis supply chain and senior management will share their company updates.  Learn more and make real-time investments in each on the MAZAKALI Digital Capital Platform.


Emerging Markets in Cannabis: A Global View

Where is the cannabis industry thriving and what geographies offer the next leg of growth for this booming industry. Hear directly from operators and investors in China, India and Colombia – make international connections across the global cannabis markets. 


North American Cannabis Capital Overview

Afternoon Keynote: Narbe Alexander, CEO of Canopy Rivers, oversees a $250+ Million cannabis portfolio. Hear his views on the evolution of cannabis sectors over the next 15 years.  


Hemp:  Real Time Investment Showcase

Hemp, with 50,000 uses, is poised to influence a large swath of the industrial economy in the years to come. Hear from two enterprising companies making great strides in this large and developing market, and make real-time investments on the MAZAKALI Digital Capital Platform


Cannabis Technology: Cutting Edge and Creating Edge

Biotechnology, information technology and agricultural technology all contribute to the growth of the understanding and discovery of the wonders of cannabis. Executives in payment tech, biotech and retail tech speak with Saul Kaye, founder of CannaTech in Israel, on the future of technology in cannabis. 

Day 2  (Concluded & Streamable)


State of the Public Cannabis Markets by Alan Brochstein, CFA. 

Morning Keynote: Alan Brochstein, CFA, founder of New Cannabis Ventures and 420 Investor, provides a comprehensive view on the cannabis public markets across N. America. Alan leverages his experience as founder of the first and still largest due diligence platform focused on the publicly-traded stocks in the cannabis industry to provide a public company update.


Public Company Panel

Senior executives from Columbia Care, Flower One, KushCo Holdings and The Flowr Corp speak with Ana Dutra, board member of Harvest Inc. and strategic advisor to MAZAKALI. This session will provide an inside look into capital and consumer trends impacting the N. American cannabis market. 


Emerging Start Ups:  Real Time Investment Showcase

The Cannabis Industry is growing rapidly with new companies forming around the world. Hear from the founders of three emerging global startups in this Showcase. Learn more about each and make real time investments on the MAZAKALI Digital Capital Platform.


The Data Mosaic; Actionable Insights with Investment Takeaways

Actionable Insights with Investment Takeaways. Leading industry data firms BDSA and Prohibition Partners showcase their data with insights gleaned from retail trends, capital flows, demographic evolution and geographical expansion.


Institutional Capital Showcase

Managed Funds have contributed some of the largest pools of capital into the cannabis sector. Hear directly from experienced fund managers about their views, mistakes, lessons learned and outlooks for this alternative asset class. The importance of professional investment management is further highlighted in this MAZAKALI GreenPaper® – Cannabis: Professional Investment Management Advantage.


Institutional Management:  Real Time Investment Showcase

Jon Trauben, portfolio manager at Altitude Investment Management, brings his investment and cannabis expertise to this informative and educational session. Hear about Altitude’s new fund, learn more and make investments in Altitude on the MAZAKALI Digital Capital Platform.


ProCapital:  Path To The Future

Closing: MAZAKALI and Prohibition Partners CEOs Sumit Mehta and Stephen Murphy close ProCapital and leave you with options to network, connect and invest with the people and companies that brought their expertise to the stage.


Thank you, 




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